Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webblen?

Webblen is an app that pays you for being involved in your community. With blockchain technology, our team has create a way for everyone to earn money simply by being together.

Whether you are wanting to volunteer, party, network, or whatever you enjoy doing with others in your free time, Webblen gives you an even stronger reason to be involved.

Our Mission

We aim to build involved communities.

Even though we are more connected than ever before with the help of modern social media, people are feeling lonelier than ever before.

We desire the sense of belonging, but these days, the only real social interaction we get is through work our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc).

That’s not good.

To begin reversing some of the damage that social media has done, we’ve created a platform that gives you a stronger reason to go out into the world, meet new people, and try new things.

Where Does the Money Come From?

Webblen is not only an app, but also a social economy.

Imagine you go to a new country with it’s own currency. In order to interact with the people in that community, you must use that native currency.

Webblen is the same way. The Webblen platform runs on the Webblen token, an Ethereum token that powers the social economy. In order to get Webblen tokens, you must attend events, build communities, and be involved. That is the structure of Webblen.

If you’re an event planner or community builder who want’s to drive traffic to your events, you would need to pay a fee to create an event or community on the platform, similar to an advertising fee. 

A portion of this fee is taxed by Webblen to further development. The remainder is then distributed back to everyone attending events and growing their communities. As more people attend events and build their communities, the more valuable your attendance and Webblen’s currency becomes!


Ways to Earn Webblen

Interested in earning Webblen? Great!

You can earn Webblen by checking into events on our app (available on IOS and Android). If there are no events around nearby, you are still free to create a “Flash Event” in our app. This allows you to create an event check in point at your location instantly for you and your friends. This can allow you to earn small amounts of Webblen instantly!

Additionally, we are working on allowing users to get paid for opting into personalized ads. Now, your personal information is in your hands and not in the hands of big technology companies that may breach your privacy. 

The Future Of Webblen

Our future is an ambitious one, but not an impossible one. We aim to provide a means of financial support and incentive for people to participate in their community.

We are a technology team focused on providing value to everyone in a way that allows them to grow and make the world a better place. 

We are flipping the script.

We are not a technology company that profits from your time, attention, and data (not point fingers at anyone…).

We are a team focused on allowing you to profit from your time, energy, and effort put into the community around you.